D3300 vs D5300 vs D7100


Im having a tough time making a choice and am soliciting advice. Im fairly new to photography and have been using a used D60 i bought off of kijiji with a couple of included lenses, and am looking to upgrade to something a little newer with better battery life and all that jazz. Im having a tough time making a choice between the three cameras and am looking for some help.

The D3300 intrigues me because its gonna be brand new, have Expeed 4, and the kit lens makes it really portable which is nice but not necessary since i always have a backpack, and is around 650 new here in Canada with the kit lens.

The D5300 apparently has expeed 4, so decent battery life and comes with built in wifi and gps, body only is around 850 here in Canada. size is again nice and GPS and Wifi are cool but impact battery life.

The D7100 is obviously bigger than the other 2, but has more pro stuff. I admittedly dont use this stuff at the moment but since they are around 1k body only its not a big reach for more feautres. No wifi or gps but thats not a deal breaker. Really like the possibility of using the pro features and even though its a little older the 900 shot battery life is sweet as is the dual sd card slot.

All are pretty similar in video, with the D7100 being the only one that doesnt do 1080p at 60fps. I wont do tons and tons of video and i have a go pro for most of the video i do.I am a uni student up here so cheaper is of course better but i have saved up some christmas cash as well as liquidated other older electronics im not using to free up some cash (who amongst Verge readers hasnt!) Im just looking for some input from you guys to see if the D7100 is the way to go, should i go middle of the road with the D5300 or is the D3300 the way to go. I know everyone says its not all about the camera whih is cool but its one of those things where i have the opportunity to get a new dslr that has to last me for a number of years now so i may as well get something proper.

Any feedback is appreciated thanks!