Just got a new HTC One and loving it. Any advice? :)

Hey everyone.

Happy Thursday.

After 5 years of using iPhones I finally made the switch and just bought a new HTC One. Don't get me wrong, I still love my iPhone and iOS. Recently I bought a Nexus 7 tablet and really fell in love with Android. Today it was time to go into my provider's store and upgrade my phone. I decided on the HTC One. I've heard nothing but great things about the phone and wanted something different for a change and now that I'm getting used to Android on my Nexus 7, I decided to go Android with my new phone as well. So far I'm loving this new phone. It's true what everyone says. The build quality is 2nd to none and the speed and power are very impressive. I'm still getting used to HTC's sense UI, but half the fun is getting to learn it. My real question however is if anyone has any suggestions in regards to apps, care etc. Still kind of new to the Android world, but loving it so far. Any help would be deeply appreciated. Just wondering what apps I should download to really take advantage of this amazing new phone. Thanks again and peace everyone. :)