Nexus 5 owner. Got a Z1 Compact today.

So I've had a 32GB panda Nexus 5 since it's an amazing phone, but it's just too big for my smallish hands.

The Z1 Compact was announced, and I pre-ordered as soon as I can.

Now I have both in my hands, here are my quick first impressions:

  • Obviously the screen size is very different. 4.3" currently looks 'small' to my eyes, but I'll get used to that.
  • They both look super sharp to my eyes (as they should) and the IPS display in the Z1C has no historically Sony issues.
  • The side bezels are much larger than many modern 5"+ phones. Though the Z1C is beautifully solid.
  • Z1C power key is in a more comfortable position to me. BUT the Nexus 5 button is much nicer to press. The Z1C requires a lot of force.
  • The Z1 C feels just as fast as the Nexus 5. Both are speed demons. The only thing I miss from KitKat are the translucent navigation/status bars. Otherwise, I wouldn't notice the difference.
  • The hardware camera button on the compact is rubbish. Too small to feel properly under your finger, and requires WAY too much force to take a shot without introducing camera shake.
  • The shots out of the Z1C camera look much nicer to me. Mainly sharper and less noise. Nexus 5 is second here despite the 4.4.2 improvements. These are hugely subjective statements.
  • The Z1 Compact comes with another screen protector and a USB-OTG cable as well!
  • It's waterproof!
Obviously I haven't covered everything; I've only had it about 10 hours. I'll be able to say more on battery later, but it looks REALLY promising so far. Feel free to ask more about the Z1 C in general, or about comparing it to the Nexus 5.