How Much Google Really Lost or Gained with the Moto Deal

Many folks, think that the whole Google Motorola purchase and sale was a sign of failure on Google's part. Well, I beg to differ. When you break it down you see that Google kind of new what they were doing.

The Purchase

  • Google Bought Motorola for 12.5 Billion
  • Google acquired the 3 Billion in Cash Reserves
  • Google Acquired 1 Billion in Tax Credits
  • Google Basically Paid $8.5 Billion

The Losses

  • Motorola had an estimate of about $2 Billion in losses under Google

The Sale

  • Google Sold the Set Top Box division for 2.4 Billion
  • Google Sold Motorola for 2.9 Billion
  • Google Got $5.3 Billion off of selling Motorola and Assets

What Google Got out of It

  • Motorola Patents some say are valued at ~$4 Billion
  • Motorola's Advanced Technology Team and IP
  • A potentially strong OEM Partner for Android
  • 7.85% Stake in Arris Group (Worth $280 Million)

So when you do the math It seems Google Basically Paid about ~$5 Billion when all is said and done. This can always change if Google is able to get better returns on it's investment stakes in Arris and Lenovo.