What Would a Dialed Back Samsung Look Like

A comment in another post got me thinking. If Samsung were to dial back the apps and Gimmicks and customization they put into their Galaxy brand phones what could that mean?

First off, I feel Samsung dialing back is more of them not going to that tiled UI they demoed in on the Pro line of tablets. In addition, I think what we will mainly see is Samsung moving more of their customization into apps, not necessarily hard framework tweaks.

So what will it look like?

I think it will still be very much Samsung's identity. Don't expect some stock Moto X looking type of device. I would say expect something closer to an Xperia or HTC One.

All I can say is this could be big for Samsung a refreshed UI without all the added gigabytes Samsung crapware might actually be enticing for many.

So what are your thoughts? What do you think will drop off or stay within Samsungs UI.