Help with choosing an AT&T plan

I performed some basic calculations. I was wondering if they are correct. The math is below.

I googled around a bunch on AT&T Next but most of what I found were published back in July 2013. I think AT&T updated the cost structure for Next to include a $15 off per month compared to a 2 year contract. This is to stop Next customers from paying for the device subsidy included with the 2 year contract which Next customers will not benefit from.

Apparently I have a 18 percent discount through my former employer, but I cannot figure out how to apply this discount online so I may need to go into a store to buy this.

With a two year contract and 2 gb data, it is $199 upfront and $95 per month.

With the Next plan, it is $32.50 per month for device and $80 per month ($95-$15).

Assuming I upgrade at the end of 2 years, the cost for the contract is:

$199+$95*24 = $2479

If I go with Next, it is:

($32.50+$80)*24 = $2700

This is telling. I'm glad I didn't go with Next on the spot when I went into the store today.

With 18 percent discount:

2 year: $2068

Next: $2354

So it appears it is still a huge ripoff. The AT&T guy was very quick to mention Next and didn't even bother telling me about the 2 year contract.

What are your thoughts? When I went through AT&T's website to upgrade my plan I got the option for an DataPro personal 3GB for $40 or $50 per month. I have no idea if this is in addition to some other fee?