Sources at the end of articles.

This so, so inconsequential.

Whenever I read an article about a gadget or some world issue, I often want to check out the original source of the product after I finish. I'd appreciate it if relevant source links appeared at the end of articles, so I could just click on to get a look at the source. Take Aaron's article on the Durr watch for example. I read through it, liked the way he described it, and wanted to have a look at the product page by the time I finished (the watch is sold out, but I figured they'd have a listhost for product updates, which they do); no link at the bottom. There was a link in the article, but it was under a picture of the designer's tools/workbench, which isn't the first place I'm likely to look; in fact, I googled it before I thought to check out the link under the picture. Maybe I'm dumb, but eh. It didn't seem like the place to check.

As I said at the top, this is a minor thing. It's not a big deal, or even a small deal; I can just about always find the original source on my own. But it is inconvenient enough to make me ask why there aren't source links at the end of every article, and it's certainly not a very hard thing to fix. It's related content that an interested reader could very plausibly want to have.

So, how about consistently adding source links at the end of articles where a source is available?