What do you think of Microsofts changes coming to Windows 8.1?

In some ways I agree with the boot to desktop option. I personally enjoy booting to my start screen! I can check my weather, my stocks I follow, the news, my calendar, my sports news etc. etc. I love that when I start my day its just like starting my morning with the newspaper. I got my news the weather, and then I go to the desktop and get to work! I have no issues with these changes.

At the same time I actually loved and got used to things the way they were in 8 and 8.1. I did not mind not having a start button, or that some features were hidden. I get they had a vision one I still like and think is very cool! Yet there are millions of non-tech people or people in a job where they just want things to work. Or they just need the desktop and do not really need the metro side of things or they do not want it. I should say they expect things to work a certain way and when they don't they get frustrated and blame Windows or they just use what they like (Mac OSX, Windows 7, Linux etc.) So I do get some of the changes they have made.

I do want the icons in desktop to be Metro style I really do. I mean its not a deal breaker or super annoying but it would be nice if they could have made all the icons look metro on the desktop. I mean they changed up the icons in Windows Vista. So why not do it now? I think running apps in desktop would be great! I also like pinning metro apps to the taskbar but I just have the apps I want on the start screen and have no issue hitting start and going to the app I want.

I do not know how many changes Microsoft will keep in update 1 between now and the release. I hope that the metro vision continues, the app stores of windows phone and windows store get unified, and that we get more amazing and awesome apps in the windows store. I love Windows 8.1 the way it is now and I do like updates. I just hope the metro vision lives on and grows even with the changes.