Surface, External Monitors, and the Woes of Scaling

So I have a Surface Pro 2, a Surface Pro Dock, and a 23inch external monitor.

The problem, however, is that Windows is scaled to 150% on the Surface (which is fantastic, it makes touch targets bigger and easier to read), while it needs to be scaled to 100% on my monitor. This (as far as I have found in my hours of searching) is not possible.

When I plug my surface into my dock and my external monitor turns on, neither one is set to the correct scaling. The Surface's scaling becomes tiny and the monitor's scaling becomes weird, with some items larger than needed with tiny icons on top. The only way to fix this is to sign out then sign back in, which keeps the Surface UI small but makes the monitor's normal. Another sign out cycle is required when I unplug the surface.

Now, while searching for solutions a few months ago, I read a response that said the sign out is required because 3rd party apps don't have an easy way to check for scaling changes like they do resolution. However, Chrome and File Explorer scale fine, while task manager and Microsoft's own IE11 become unusably small.

This is 4 windows on my 23 inch monitor:Enld9q8_medium


And this is how those 4 windows scale when dragged over to my Surface:



Obviously, some apps figure out how to scale properly (even though I wish Windows would scale the taskbar 150% as well).

So why, oh why would Microsoft sell a dock for a 10 inch computer when their own OS can't automatically scale UI to both monitors individually. And yes, before you ask, I have "set one scaling across all my monitors" UN checked, it doesn't really help.