So it looks like i am leaving Windows Phone

Something ironic happened to me today at work. My boss walks in with his Galaxy S3 in hand with a massive crack in the screen and decides, its time to buy a new phone ( though work that is) Sadly I am not lucky enough to warrant this same privilege.

I get home and I am sitting on the sofa when I get a call from him, telling me I need to email him some documentation so he can get his new phone. In the process of helping him, I drop my HTC 8x from 1 foot onto carpet, I pick it up, and its stuck in a power on power off loop.

I popped the case off and the power button is physically broken. There is not much point replacing it as the phone only cost me $300 AUD>

Now I am stuck with a dilemma. Currently there are windows phones that take my fancy, I was going to wait for the first Microsoft / Nokia phone but I need a phone now. The Lumia 920 and 925 ( we did not get the 928 in Australia) are still two pricy for their specs. The best bang for my buck sadly seems to be a Nexus 5.

I don't want to leave, especially with 8.1 around the corner, but it would appear that fate has dealt me a hand a tricky hand.