Threepointer Beta Testers Wanted (dribbble client for Windows Phone)


We finally have the beta version ready :)

You have a Windows Phone and want to beta test Threepointer? This is the most feature complete dribbble client on any platform. Don't believe us? Drop us a line at and we will add you to the beta! (Please use the email that you're using your Windows Phone with)

Here are some of the features that Threepointer already has:

• log in with your dribbble account
• search for shots, users and colors
• see all your activity
• like shots
• comment on shots
• follow users
• lockscreen support
• live tile support
• pin almost everything to your startscreen
• and much more :)

Coming soon:

Lens support, buckets within the app and some other very cool stuff!

Threepointer on dribbble


We're looking forward to your feedback :)