At 40th Street, the toboggan run is 60 feet tall and 180 feet long, topped with a gloriously huge NFL logo and shuttling down eight people at a time. To get in, you have to buy a ticket — a $5 strip of paper that looks eerily like the $25,000 pieces of paper they sell at the next machine over, the ones that actually get you into the Super Bowl. At the bottom of the toboggan run, there’s a pair of field goal uprights with fake icicles and a breeze of snowflakes. They aren’t real snowflakes. They’re soap suds, blown over by a pair of rotary machines clamped on a scaffolding a few feet to the right.

This is Super Bowl Boulevard, a 13-block stretch of Broadway that's been taken over by the NFL in honor of Sunday's game. The game itself will take place across the river in East Rutherford, New Jersey, miles and possibly hours away — but as far as the NFL is concerned, the Super Bowl is right here. There are booths from Pepsi, GMC, Bridgestone: anyone you’re likely to see running a Super Bowl ad. Temporary street signs point you to the ticket lines, autograph tents, or performance stages. It’s a fully realized facade of a city within Times Square, which some will tell you is already a facade of a city within New York.