Features you thought were cool but really never use

It's no secret that Android phones are feature packed but a lot of them are wasted on a majority of consumers.

It's still nice to have them since options are always nice but are there some things you've never used and never will use?

On my Nexus 4 the list goes

  1. Wireless charging: I bought the Nexus 4 thinking in a year or two schools, restaurants, and cafes would have wireless charging tables for your phones. Turns out they still don't today and wireless chargers are still expensive. On top of that, it takes some people over 4 hours to charge their phone wirelessly.
  2. NFC: I really wanted this to take off. I expected going into a Subway without my wallet and just using my phone for payment. But where I live there are virtually no restaurants that accept NFC payments.
  3. Face unlock: Cool feature for about 2 days until it became a hassle in low light environments. Now I don't even have a lock screen of any sort.
  4. Photospheres: I haven't seen too many people post photospheres anywhere. A majority of the ones I took on my phone looked ugly, the stitching was a little off. But I understand it's a lot better with the Nexus 5.
At the end of the day, I'm glad Android isn't afraid to try new things. I just wish some ideas caught on faster or were more practical.