Moto X or Moto G?

Hi all,

I have a small dilemma on my hands that I was hoping you fine folks could help me with :) Recently, my Nexus 4 screen shattered and I figured that with the $150 repair cost, it might just make sense to get a new phone. It also helps that my birthday is coming up this week and I want to treat myself a little bit!

Anyway, I was considering the Moto G 16GB for the longest time - it's really cheap and has enough power for my needs. However, given the heavy discounts on the unlocked Moto X in the last few weeks, my interest in the Moto G has somewhat wavered. I hear that the X's unique features such as Active Display and Assist are really compelling and have made the phone punch above its mid-range class.

A few notes on my typical smartphone usage:

- I don't use too many apps beyond the basics (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc.) I may play the occasional game, but specs really aren't as important to me anymore

- Battery life is a HUGE concern for me, especially coming from the Nexus 4. Ideally, day long battery life would be fantastic

- I used to be into flashing my phone with the latest CM version every month, but I'm more interested in running as close to stock these days

Any thoughts/comments etc. would be really appreciated!