My First Experience with Android : In need for tips !

Hi everyone !

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This is actually my first time on a smartphone, i had a feature phone for about six years, the Nokia 2600c-2, i know it was very plasticky... but the thing survived my constant abusing from dropping to floor, unintentionnal wall whack (lol) and other shenanigans... but i'm done, it's the digital world, i'm already connected to a plethora of services, while mostly belonging to Microsoft's ecosystem (the main advantage being that you'll be served by apps and support no matter where platform you go) i decided to go Android for the price point i was targeting, in all honesty i could've barely add like... um... 40 bucks or some amount along those lines to get the golden WP which is the Nokia Lumia 520, or the HTC 8S for that matter, but eventually, the Sony Xperia E ended up being my choice with other Samsung devices equal to price that have a single 800ish Mhz CPU and Android GingerBread, my choice was rapidly done.

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So here's the deal, my experience so far with Android has been pretty positive, even though it's not the best hardware, despite minor hiccups, the OS is generally fluid, but i'm only missing a few little things so i can even make it better, more automated and more like i would consider a truely customisable smartphone experience to be.

Now first of all i have Plex Media Server, plus the usual Windows Media Player share, enabled, i've the MediaHouse DLNA client from Google Play, coupled with MX Player, and despite of the fact that it's fully capable of driving the "showcase" Xperia HD video, and YouTube, video is always sluggish when i stream from my computer over WiFi, and there's nothing wrong about my PC, is a mid-range gaming machine, and i usually stream 1080p no problem to my 360, so the horses aren't a concern... so what's the deal, how can i fix it ?

Second, is the absence of coherent toggles, now i've heared about "Power Toggles" the app that rescues everybody's ass from continuous pain of herrendous toggles' implementations, i downloaded it, but it didn't replace my existing ones, and i think i even had to set it to a "Notification" in order to work, if anyone knows how to make it work... feel free to let me know how.

Last, and it's quite auxiliary frankly speaking but uh... i'm a fan of football (what americans usually call soccer) and i wanted to grab a free FIFA 14 for me, compatibility isn't an issue, but free space seems to be... well sort of, i have 1GB to store my apps, some only run on it, i have another 2GB to store anything i want, including some apps (select ones obviously), when i download anything from the Play Store it usually directly heads over to my 1GB initial and sometimes obligatory pool, and it's not enough for the game, so my question would be, if i download FIFA 14, will it directly finds its way to my 2GB pool ?

Thanks a lot in advance, and have a great day ! :-)