Note 3 Stock ROM Questions

I purchased my Note 3 about a month ago and so far I've been enjoying it (coming from an iPhone 5).

One of the first things I did was replace the launcher with the GEL which I much prefer. I have a few questions regarding the dialer, Google Now and Google Play Music which I've set up to replace the stock Samsung apps.

* With phone dialer replacements, it seems as though you can replace the contacts browsing, log and keypad screens but as soon as you make a call it goes to the Samsung dialer screen? Anyway to replace that too?
* When I am in my car, connected via bluetooth, it seems that doing a voice command from my car goes to Samsung search. Can I change it to goto Google Now?
* Why is it, when I tell Google Now to "play music" it opens the samsung music app? I've changed my default music player options everywhere that I know about to Google Play Music and yet Google Now doesn't respect it.
* I have a case with an SView window which is great. What would be even better however is if the music controls would work with my default music player rather than only work with Samsung music.

I like the combination of having the GEL but still keeping the multi-window functionality and pen support. I just don't like the inconsistency when it comes to enforcing default apps.