We all begin as rookies, beginners, refine our skills until we become intermediates then professionals and we become by time experts. Some people improve quickly, others do it slowly and some get stuck at one of the previous levels mentioned above. Each one of them followed a different method to train themselves. All of us want to be in the first category, which are quick observers and hard workers. HOW to be one of them? What shall I do? I will try clarify things up here.

Professional cameras are NOT vital

Some of those people who begin their interest in photography lose their eagerness gradually. It’s all mostly because they can not afford to get a professional camera, or more likely a DSLR or they do not want to spend much on a hobby. Let me tell you one thing: Great shots don’t come from the camera, it comes from the person who holds it. Regardless of the type, price or quality of the camera, If a person has high-end photography equipment and NO passion, he won’t get any satisfying results, it’s all about the one who has the talent and artistic point of view not the equipment. So don’t be shy to use your digital camera or phones camera ‘cuz it’s all about the results.

Consider getting a course

This is quite optional, but very helping. It doesn’t always mean getting paid courses, just ask someone you know who is a photographer, it may help. Or as everyone says these days: GOOGLE IT!; online courses are more likely to be free and maybe more benefiting. Some photography clubs usually make some free-to-attend courses or lectures about photography techniques, and I personally recon Gavin Hoey's online tutorials.

View others work

One important key to mastering photography is looking for others works, especially professionals. Many photo-sharing sites are available and have millions of users who keep posting their results on many specialized websites such as Flickr or 500px

Keep your camera with you

In order to improve your skills, take more photos, and by this, you gain experience quicker, and you know more about dealing with several situations.

Ask for others opinions

Whenever you take a good photo, ask everybody around you about his opinion in your photo, it’s not necessary to be a professionals opinion. Ask your friends, family and even co-workers, everybody has his own view about beauty. And remember to stay away from people who only compliment, look for those who tell you what is wrong and what is not. Don’t get depressed and try to improve yourself regarding others feed-backs.

Be satisfied with your results

Everybody starts small. Great results come with years of training and practice. Be satisfied with what you’ve got, and you will gradually notice how you are improving.

These were some tips and advises I’ve concluded from my experience in photography. Yet there is much more to say, I’ve tried to assemble most of the important points in this post just to keep it simple. If you have some tips or advises on this topic, share it with us in the comments.

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