Headset vs headphones/mic/receiver... what am I looking for?

I have some specific things I'm looking for when it comes to some headphones or a headset. I like to play a video game on my PS3 or Xbox 360 while watching a show/movie or listening to music on my PC. I also want a microphone for online chatting both in-game and via PC (like Skype). The mic needs to be pretty good because I also want to use it to record vocals to my PC. Doesn't need to be a crazy-good, professional-quality mic... just good enough to get some clear recording and good sound for the price.
So here's my question... how do I get ALL of that on my head? I just got a pair of Turtle Beach PX-51's and they're awesome but they don't have all the inputs I need so I have to return them (should have done more research...). I want audio from my PC and consoles to be mixed so they BOTH come through the headset. I connected my PC to the headset's receiver via a 3.5-to-RCA cable and I also connected the headset directly to my phone via the provided cable and the audio quality of both was terrible. It seems like this headset is built strictly with optical in mind and for one input at a time.
So is there a headset that does all of this well for a reasonable price? Or am I looking for a standalone audio receiver + a headset? OR am I looking for a receiver + headphones + a mic?
Sound quality and mixing multiple inputs are the most important factors here. The mic is secondary and I'd prefer wireless all-around but I'll happily go with wired headphones if they're the best buy.
Thanks for your time in advance!