Lumia 1520 or wait for MWC?

Its high time I upgraded my phone from my current WP7.8 device. Im really liking the Lumia 1520. Some of the main pros for me are expandable memory, large 1080p screen and 20MP camera. While the device in itself is very good, has top of the line specs and has good reviews all over, im wondering if I should wait for the next set of hardware from Nokia. My point being that while 1520 has top of the line specs, it really doesn't have a big "innovation" like the 920 was with its low light camera or the 1020 with its 41 MP camera.

I'm guessing the next refresh of Nokia hardware to be revealed at MWC in Feb, will have some really innovative features like the 920/1020. However, im pretty sure they wont have an expandable memory of 20MP camera, since the norm with devices like 920/925 has been only a 8.7 MP camera. So what do you guys suggest?