I Have A Confession To Make :(

So I have a confession to make, after years of using custom roms like CM, PA and now OmniRom I have loathed custom skins from OEMs and never even considered using a stock Android Rom from any OEM my opinion has changed greatly.

A week ago my brother comes to me at a Christmas party I think it was and asks for which phone to buy, I spit out that I'd recommend the Nexus 5 for its flawless Android experiences, The Galaxy S4 for its extremely good internals and screen and the Note 3 for the same reasons as the Galaxy S4.

I was pushing him towards the Nexus 5 over the Galaxy S4 due to the stock Android but I think Samsung makes the best internals of any phone. I am still using a Galaxy S2 and have never felt the need to upgrade.

He eventually poses this question to me, which phone if I bought it, would make you most jealous? I replied with the Galaxy Note 3. I never recommended this to begin with as he was an iPhone user and I thought the phone size would be to different.

So there we are a few weeks later and he bought the Galaxy Note 3. After myself was playing with it for an hour or so, I great to absolutely love TouchWiz. That is my confession, I love TouchWiz.

The best feature I have ever used in an Android device was MultiWindow. I was running Facebook and Chrome side by side and it wasn't crammed. Each app had almost the same screen real estate to themselves as my Galaxy S2 has in total.

The UI changes weren't as bad as I thought they were and some of the TouchWiz features were amazing and just leagues and leagues ahead of any other OEM and Google themselves. Seriously, why isn't MultiWindow a feature for Android tablets?

I am no about to jump off the fence and upgrade to the Galaxy Note 3 and stick with what I have loathed and hated for the previous three/four years.

I have been converted and I know love TouchWiz :D