Android's transitions are about to get awesome. Why? Bitspin.

Google acquired Bitspin to really ramp up the progress they've been making on transitions for Android in the last 6 to 12 months. And there's no one better to do it.

I'm not a huge fan of Timely's backgrounds; I feel it's been a bit over-designed (I'm a proponent of flat design, like the stock clock app). But the transitions are fantastic. Everything is animated; nothing just disappears. Imagine if stock Android was like that. Like Windows Phone, or iOS.

While I don't think Timely will replace the AOSP clock outright (Google don't really do that kind of thing), it could inherit some of Timely's features, like the time picker on the side, and the Smart Rise feature. Hopefully Timely will stay on the Play Store too; no reason Google would kill it, since it requires very little maintenance. If we're lucky, the Timely devs will be able to continue working on it in their spare time, even if that's just bug-fixing and updating for new Android releases. I'm hoping it gets a transparent nav and notification bar KitKat update.

Looks like it's happening, folks. The next step in Android's UI/UX overhaul.