New Windows devices @ CES. Share your opinions.

Starting this thread to update on the new windows devices from OEMs. You can share your opinions about these devices and what more you would like to see from the OEMs.

I will only list tablets, 2-in-1 PCs here excluding traditional laptops.

  • Lenovo:
  1. Thinkpad 8($399): 8 inch full HD windows 8 tablet with good design, optional LTE. Available in late January. Stylus is missing in otherwise a great tablet.
  2. Miix 2 10($499), 11($699): Both models comes with full HD display. Good pricing for 10 inch model which also comes with keyboard dock. 10 inch model available in march while 11 inch model comes in April.
  3. Yoga 2 11($529), 13($999): New 11.6 inch HD display, Bay trail Celeron or Pentium processors. Good price for 11 inch model again which will be available in late January while 13 inch comes early February.

Overall good line up from Lenovo. Wish there is successor for the thinkpad tablet 2 which was rumored earlier. Also, stylus should have been at least an option for thinkpad 8 tablet.

  • HP:
  1. HP Pro X2 410 ($899 or less): 11.6 inch detachable device for businesses and comes with core i processors and 12 hours of battery life.

Nothing exciting from HP at CES. They already released many detachable windows 8 devices earlier. Wish they released 8 inch tablet like Dell venue 8 Pro or thinkpad 8.

  • LG:
  1. Tab book 2: Two sliders with similar specs but differences in weight and thickness. I don't think we will see these things anywhere outside Korea.

  • ASUS:
  1. Vivotab note 8($299 with stylus): Great option for many who want Wacom stylus. Problem with ASUS is they are always late in bringing the announced products to market.
  • Panasonic:
  1. Touchbook 7 inch ($2000+): Smallest tablet with core i5 (fanless). Its cute but targeted for different consumers.
  • Micromax:
  1. Laptab 10.1 inch: Dual boot android/windows. Low end specs. Micromax is budget OEM but Engadget seems to be impressed with build quality. Comes with keyboard.

Overall, Lenovo did a great job with their line up only gripe is no stylus for thinkpad 8. ASUS is going to fill that gap with vivotab note 8 which is priced well.

Hope to see more 8 and 10 inch tablets at MWC.