[WP] Need app help!

I've been using a lumia 1020 since Crhstimas eve, and have found myself carrying my old galaxy nexus around with me because I have yet to find adequate apps to replace the ones I had on android.

The main apps I'm missing are:

Pocketcast (podcast app)

nzb unity (sab/sickbeard/couch potato client)

google hangouts

google keep

I know there is a gchat client, but it seems really unreliable. Sometimes I get the messages normally, other times it'll be hours later or never.

A browser that is on par with chrome, features that I'm missing is having no tab cap, syncing over platforms (would love to see what I have open on my surface), incognito mode

Also on a side note, my battery life seems to vary a lot. Some days it has about 60% at the end of the day, other times it''ll be critical half way through with the same usage. Is there anything equivlient to the battery graph on android on windows phone to see what app is using the most and the rate at which it's draining?