2014 Probably the same as 2013 - Here's why

Ayeeee GooglePlex,

Last time I was here we were under the name of Android Army. Forgive my absence, I truly miss my fellow geeks. I took time away to....well do important things in my life. But enough with that, I'm back and there are a slew of things to discuss (Not really) . . and maybe that's the problem. Let me explain;

When the HTC One released I was expecting to keep this phone for the long run, and I've done just that. I've never kept a phone for over 9 months. As time has gone by I've been looking for my next phone. The Nexus 5 released and I was completely unimpressed. Even saw it in stores and was utterly disappointed. The Note 3 released and once again I felt it was the same ole same ole. The iPhone was pretty much the only phone that excited me.

Leaks of the M8 (HTC's Next Flagship) have surfaced and I'm already disappointed. To add insult to injury it won't have Beats (So what you want I love Beats and I hear the difference for the type of music I listen to).

Then there's Samsung who shows little promise to redesign that awful UI they call touch wiz. Even the name is horrible. I would be all over Samsung if the UI did not look like a child's throw up. Seriously a lot of the fuctionality of Touch Wiz is better than HTC, in reality I can do more with a Note 3 than I can with my One. However looking at the interface on my One does not make me scream bloody murder.

Lastly on my list is Motorola, they actually might sway me this year. I feel like I missed out on the Moto X. . . . . (Oh yea the screen turned me off) - I would have bought that phone had the screen been 1080p and LCD 3 or even 720p (Possibly) and LCD. But Noooooo they had to go the way of AMOLED (Which I get for their Active Notifications and what not) Still. I will never go back to AMOLED unless it's 1080. The moto X was perfect for me, beautiful UI, touchless controls, and the screen was the perfect size. I still find the screen on my one to be to big.

So why do I say 2014 will be the same as 2013? Simple.

1. HTC Leaks shows that they are going to do the same thing which is fine, the one has a great design.

2. Samsung does not want to change to much due to their UI reputation they already have with the General Public.

3. Moto finally has a formula that works.

This leads me to believe that my next phone will be more or less the same as my previous. I was kinda hoping for a leap in innovation like we saw when ICS was announced.