I'm stuck with no way out

Lesson: Think hard before you decide to give your all to one ecosystem, it can become an everlasting commitment.

I'm literally stuck with no way out. I won't beat around the bush and I'll get straight to the point. I love Android like I love my seafood which is saying a lot. However I'm annoyed with Android and have been for awhile. It's gotten to the point since they refuse to fix it I've been debating on switching to another OS for awhile until Google does. Not all of it is even Android, a lot of it has to do with these lazy ass developers and the crap ton of legacy apps that either need to be deleted or updated. But anyways, here are my five major pains with Android that are pushing me over the edge.

  • The Back Button
  • Overflow menu inconsistencies & Design
  • Light and Dark Theme clashing UI
  • The Launcher
  • The Nexus
For starters, after 4 years I am still amazed that I can never predict what the back button is going to do. Why do we still have a back button. I admire BB10 and WebOS for it's gestures. I even rather use iOS with it's one button for everything system.
Next, the overflow menu is never in the same place, sometimes it's at the top or the bottom and I've even seen it on the side (If only I could remember what app that was) - How or why is that even possible. Just like sometimes I see that annoying gear icon and not the three dots. Or there is a slide out hamburger menu (Only it's not).
Pick a theme, in kitkat they made things transparent and light and I'm so happy they did. . . why did they half ass it and leave the settings menu dark?
I've never liked the stock launcher or the idea of the android launcher at all, it feels like a PC desktop not a mobile platform. iOS has a grid system which is boring as hell, but it works. Windows does its title thing which I found to be innovative, and Android....Icons and Widgets on a screen. The widgets great, but placing Icons on my home screen in any order any place reminds me of the desktop. Luckily that can be changed.
Lastly and simply, can't Google make a perfect Nexus device and actually market the crap out of it. Every Nexus we have to compromise on something.
Now that I've explained myself, here's my dilemma. I can't leave....or I won't. You see, I've spent over $1,200 on Google Play apps, movies, and music. I did not even factor in mags or books which may sum up to about $30. I'ts not like I can take it all with me to another platform, they only thing I can take with me would be the music.
What do I do. . .I wanted to give iOS a shot. Maybe use two platforms, Android tablet and iPhone??