State of Apple Maps

I was recently dating someone who lived in a strange apartment under a townhouse. Everytime we'd try and get food delivered the person delivering it could never find it. Apple Maps knew where her address was, Google maps put the address down the street. When we'd order I'd ask the person delivering it if they had an iPhone to look up the address. Some friends and I recently took a 600 mile road trip. My friend was navigating from his S3 and it showed 2 routes. My iPhone showed 3 with the 3rd being the quickest. After a few hours into the trip I decided to stop by the bank in the next large city. His S3 showed banks on the other side of town. My iPhone ( asked via Siri) showed one right next to us. We drove to the spot and there was a bank inside the Wal-Mart. A few hours later we decided we wanted to get a bottle of Champagne and cigars before we arrived at the destination. The Google phone found 2 liquor stores in the next town. Both were closed for good. Before we left town I asked Siri to find 'wine and cigars'. She found a nice store just a 1/2 mile away. Bottle of Taittinger and Montecristos were in our possession. When we got to our destination I used Siri to find specific restaurants and bars. It worked really well. Why am I telling this anecdotal bit of info? Because when my friends and I started the trip they scoffed when I'd attempt to use Apple Maps and by the end they asked me to find the best way to leave the city. I too was surprised by the much improved quality and I'm curious if others have found the same?