Open Automotive Alliance? What Will it Look Like?


Google and a handful of other Auto makers (Audi my favorite) launched a new Alliance. This one called the Open Automotive Alliance or OAA. SO what do people think this will look like? Automotive is a completely different beast when compared to mobile, so I am interested to see how this plays out. Based on the announcement here is what I think

Google like Apple wants to bring their ecosystem to cars. The difference here is that Apple's entire ecosystem is closed so Apple controls the entire experience. In the case of Android, the OS is open while the Google Ecosystem is closed. Google can only control their apps.

Now without an alliance, manufacturers, like Tesla, can simply just take the source code and build out their own ecosystem running Android, but without Google. This may or may not work with certain Android apps, thus fragmenting the whole OS completely. I think Google wants to ensure as "Apps" come to cars Google Play is still the common marketplace for users to get those Android apps. In addition this will also ensure that if you apps will work across all cars within the alliance.

It is a way for Google to say hey if you want our closed source apps on Android, than you have to play by a set of rules. If not, go ahead use Android for your car, but find your own mapping application, and build your own app store.

Like with everything, there are pros and cons, so what are your feelings about it?

Note: I will ask that we try to keep the discussion civil. Please try to respect other peoples opinions, we can disagree without flaming or being insulting. If your going to make broad general claims about things, do all of us a favor and back it up with something substantial, you a source.