Starter camera? Old Lens?

Guys, I know there are a lot of posts similar to this; but I'm on budget and would like some help.

I really like photography since a child but never had a really good camera and I'm thinking about buying a DSLR; I recently messed around with my father's in law Canon 60D and really liked it...

I'm looking for a camera that can shoot video and of course, taking photos of great quality, without leaving the $1000 price tag.

My question is; this: Should I buy the 60D? Should I bite the bullet and go for the 70D? Or maybe some other camera?

Oh! And one last thing, my mother has a Kodak 78mm-215mm lens and a Canon 28-80mm lens that she used to use with her old Canon Rebel 2000, film camera; Is there any chance those lens will work on the Canon 60D, or any recent camera that I'll eventually buy?