Bulldog Antivirus; yes or no?

So I got a few new refurb units in today. I pop the first one on and besides a potentially dead battery situation I noticed that the obviously clean windows installation has 1 not so clean program installed. Bulldog Antivirus.

I can't find many reviews on it so I have no idea if it's garbage or not. Regardless I'm reformatting and re-installing windows anyways, I wanted a clean machine.

So my question is has anyone ever heard of this program before? If so what have you heard about it?

This post probably belongs else where but as I'm sure many of you have noticed the Microsoft forum has the most traffic flowing through it. To the point where I get 2 answers on any other forum and 12 on this one :P

EDIT: My bad it's BullGuard not Bulldog. Their symbol is a Bulldog, which I guess is what I was remembering when I typed this up. Thanks for the responses so far.