I am blown away by the inadequacy of WP8's music syncing solution

Maybe I'm just bitter that they took away the Zune Desktop software which was actually one of the main selling points that got me to buy in to WP7. But this isn't just bad compared to Zune, it's borderline unusable by any measure.

I've had my Lumia 1020 for a few weeks now and I'm finally getting around to syncing some of my music onto it. I was aware that it's all done through Metro apps on my desktop now, so I got my Windows 8 Xbox Music app all set up with my collection. inadequacy

When I plugged in my phone and attempted to add music through the Windows Phone app, it took me to a generic file system browser instead of syncing up with my Xbox Music app. That alone is pretty awful. If my music is already set up within this same ecosystem then why should I be looking at an unorganized file system here? Haven't we moved beyond that by now?

Whatever, I'll find the music I want to add by browsing through my file system to locate my playlist files left over from Zune. I selected all the ones I wanted to add and waited while the progress bar didn't move. After a while I decided to pull the USB cord out and try again. Turns out it broke while transferring the very first file. The second attempt gets a little farther along and then breaks again. All told, I had to pull the USB cord and start over about a dozen times to get through maybe 15 playlists. I had to babysit it all the way through and select only a few files at a time manually so it wouldn't get confused. This is not what I wanted to do with my time today.

Well, fine. One time syncing problems but at least everything is on there now. I disconnect my phone and load up Microsoft's brand new Xbox Music app only to discover that my tracks have synced but the playlists themselves are nowhere to be found. Am I really supposed to reconstruct these playlists manually on the phone? Why doesn't a playlist sync actually sync any playlists?

I've never had a syncing experience anywhere that's this poor, and I certainly would never expect to see an experience this bad replace an existing one that was extremely good. What is going on at Microsoft that they could possibly think this is an upgrade?