Imagining the 6th Gen iPad

This is probably old news (so pardon me for that), but rumours (or should I say Ming Chi Kuo) have predicted that the iPad Pro will have these three important details:

  • Would carry same 9.7-inch screen size as current iPad and upcoming iPad 5
  • Display would be higher-resolution with a PPI (pixels-per-inch) of 30-40% higher than the current Retina iPad
  • While iPads with larger screens have been rumored, Kuo says that Apple will likely ship this higher-resolution model instead

The 30-40% increase in PPI means the 264 ppi of the iPad Air would increase to 343.2 or 369.6. If Apple were to double the resolution of the screen, i.e. 3072x4096, that would be twice the ppi value and that means a 100% increase in ppi, which doesn't match the rumours.

In what other possible way could Apple increase the resolution without screwing up the development of apps? Apple would probably not make the screen longer like they did with the iPhone. Either one of the points must be false in order for the product to make sense.

Thoughts? What other ways could Apple make an iPad following all these rumours?