What's with all the smartwatch love from verge staffers? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.


So I am listening to the recap of the day right now, and I hear Josh, Nilay, and Vlad talk about how everyone in the trailer went nuts over the new pebble smartwatch... why?

Is it because of functionality or design? If the former, I have not tried them so I can't speak to that. If the latter, what are they so excited about? Every smart watch I have seen looks clunky and ugly to my eyes. Every single one. When I think of a sleek watch, I think of things like this:


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not.. this


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Circles people, circles look better on the wrist than rectangles. Who disagrees with this? Explain yourselves, right now. The bands look good, but the shape.. I just don't get the love.

This is a concept that looks much better:


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It's not perfect, I would have expanded the oled display to the farthest edges of the device that the technology allowed, this is where curved displays would come in handy. I'd want the display to cover the entire front face while tapering off. Because of the less efficient display of info using a circular display instead of a rectangular one, the front face would need to be larger than normal, but hopefully that increased surface area would allowed for a flatter battery over a larger area as well to compensate (and reduce thickness).

It's probably much more expensive and difficult to make circular displays, but who among you thinks rectangular watch faces look as good as circular ones?

If you need to use rectangles at LEAST try to go with those OTHER concepts that curved the screen along the wrist for more display room and a sleeker design.


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There may be some technical challenges with curved/flexible battery form factors, but there has to be a better design out there. Is it just me? Am I really the one taking crazy pills like Mugatu, alone in all the world to see something so obvious before him?