Why are some people so excited about steam box PC's ? All I am seeing are just ordinary, overpriced PC's.

Maybe I am wrong or just haven't read into it yet, but for the life of me I can't understand what separates an ordinary custom built PC from one of those so called 'steam boxes'. Most of these OEM's just took off the shelf PC hardware and crammed them into a custom case, some of them have always done this (alienware etc.), put a steam logo on it and called it a steam box. Whilst this is probably obvious to anyone that is semi-computer literate, the tech media is amazingly still giving these ordinary PC's some kind of new/separate product status and attention that it has not given to desktop/tower (small and large form factors) PC's since 2009 or so.

These are the same UEFI/BIOS packing x86 machines that post and boot off anything, that is just plain PC's. Ohh forgot they come with a new linux distro installed. Just seems like they are trying to sell the same pig, just with lipstick on it. Marketing is an unbelievable deceitful industry I must say. These PC's are bad value for money too, I am genuinely curious how these OEM's will present their steam boxes as something separate from their existing gaming PC lineup or custom built PC's that people can put together themselves for significantly less. In reality it's just a controller and new OS, not a new platform.

Don't get me wrong, I believe PC gaming in the living room has great potential and should be the way Microsoft should have gone with the XBOX platform, by literally using the same code and API's across PC and XBOX for AAA games, thereby allowing any PC/Tablet PC etc. that meets the minimal requirement to run XBOX AAA games. But I just don't like false marketing campaigns, just rebadging ordinary PC's and calling them steam boxes is bait for the gullible.