New Crapware on Windows - Android

Can I just get a clean windows experience without OEM crapware and OEMs trying to shoehorn another glitchy OS onto my new machine. I would think that Microsoft would only allow one operating system to be loaded on a device as part of their licensing agreement. You would never see this on an Apple product! Tried Bluestacks about a year ago on my Windows 7 machine.....again a crappy experience. Getting tired of Microsoft letting everyone else control the experience customers get when the buy a device. Also getting tired of them soft selling their own Surface devices and promoting all the other OEM devices first. Case in point....they did not produce enough Surface 2 devices for the holidays and have been out of stock at many locations since Black Friday (to include their own online store). Why would you come out with a new device that fixes many of the flaws with the original Surface RT and not produce enough to sell through the holidays? If they produced too many devices, they could sell the excess during the rest of the year. Maybe they need some leadership to help focus their would be nice if they also picked the new CEO in the near future.