(Concept) Cortana for Windows Phone 8.1

Hey guys, welcome yet again to my series of concepts, this time for Cortana. I've been teasing it in my previous post: [Concept] Windows Phone 8.1 Universal Search and more. Let's start.


My take on Cortana is a Siri-like UI that can be personalized by changing the theme/accent and changing the information providers in Cortana's settings. You can change whichever program that provides information and to collect data from if it is capable.

For example, you can change the finance information provider from Bing Finance (default) to say, Stocks Plus (third-party app) so you can get the type of information that you prefer. This way it benefits both the user and developers. All the default info providers are either Bing Services or Microsoft Services in general.


I like the speech-bubbled experience because it makes you feel like having a conversation with someone, which is an important factor in this particular personal assistant. Cortana is accessed of course by long pressing the Start button. To make the transition to the Cortana screen more smooth, the background is translucent so you can also have that ambiance instead of a plain black background.

Unlike the current TellMe assistant, the words you say will be listened to one by one, displayed in real time, something like Google Now. Cortana learns your pronunciations and your accent and will ask you how to pronounce certain words or names from time to time (you can turn that off). Cortana can detect if the words you're (lyingly) saying how it's pronounced is significantly different than the default pronunciation so you can't trick her into thinking that "Josh" is pronounced as "poop".

Local Scout


As you can see here, Cortana uses Bing Local Scout to find restaurants, shops and things to do all of which is local results. To view more information about a place, just tap the preferred result and it will bring you to the Local Scout screen.

Bing Smart Search


Here Cortana uses Bing Smart Search to provide Hero info (left) and general Bing spotlight info (right). Hero info is mostly useful if you want the full biography of say, a celebrity. Bing spotlight info is more of general information say an artiste's age or birthday.

Calls & texts


Cortana can also send texts and make calls if you enable it in the settings. You could also email, or use Third-Party apps like Whatsapp and WeChat.

Other Bing Services


configuring settings


Of course, you can configure settings within Cortana. As you can see above, the theme changes the second you give the command.

To view some more samples like setting reminders, checking the weather etc, click the link below.


To view a few more samples, click here.


That's pretty much it guys. Thanks for reading and leave your thoughts down there so I can improve on my concepts.

Note that this is a continuation of my previous concept which you can see here.