iProblems - 1st day with ipad air.

Decided to pick up an ipad air.

Thoughts on day 1.

Coming from Android, was excited to see just how awesome all these "tablet apps" were. And since i support mainly ios devices at work I thought I should probably have one for peoples more specific questions.

-Unfortunately, also coming from android. My first app choice was Google Play Music. Guess what, no ipad app. So if there's no ipad centric app, you literally have an iphone sized app in the center of your ipad. With the option to stretch the image x2. That just seems awfully amateur hour to me. Of all the ios users complaining about there not being tablet apps on android.. This would never happen on android. Even if it's not a tablet specific app, the resources fill the screen, so while it may be a big phone app, nothing is ever stretched, the quality of the picture isn't degraded. While ultimately, that falls on the app developer, the implementation when there isn't an ipad centric app is pretty shoddy.

-I actually like the web browsing on the 4:3 screen.. its fast, and looks good. Nothing to complain about there, except that safari has crashed on me a couple of times.. In just my first evening. I haven't had an app crash on my nexus 7 since its release.

-While the screen looks good, the hollowness of it is kind of bothersome. Laminating the lcd to the glass is a good thing, something the ipad would benefit from. And you wouldn't have the hollow thud everytime you touch the screen.

-The speakers... They don't sound that great. Sure they get loud enough.. But compared to every other device i've ever used, they are very tinny and hollow sounding. Sound quality compared to my nexus 7, or htc one isn't even comparable. Only from a total volume standpoint.

-I've had multiple instances where the web or the app store, returned a blank screen. As if I didn't have a network connection. Hit retry and it pops right up like nothing happened. Odd.

-The app store... Compared to the play store, this thing is a mess. It's a good thing apple isn't in the search business. My first app for example, you would think searching Google Music. Would return the app. False. It isn't even in the results at all. Just a bunch of garbage. You have to search for Google Play Music exactly to get the app to show up in your results.

Most of my other searches yielded similar results. Most of the apps that come up on a search are just garbage filler that no one should ever install. There's ads everywhere as well. I have 0 ads on my android devices.

-The few games I installed so far, look pretty good, and are fun to play. But some of the menus are pretty childish. It's pretty obvious this thing caters to kids.

-App prices are a little high, found multiple instances where a paid app on android is 4.99, it will be 6.99 on the app store. A lot of the games I've tried so far, also rely heavily on in-app purchases. Which is kind of lame.

-I've got an external hard drive plugged into my router. I can find a dlna app to play the movies on it to the ipad itself. But haven't been successful in pushing that content anywhere else. To a chromecast, or other dlna device for example. With my nexus I'll use Avia to browse my drive, and cast that video to the chromecast. All the work is actually then done by the chromecast. No such funtionality seems to exist yet in ios. I would have to try copying the video off the drive, to the ipad. Then using a different app to try streaming it to the tv.

It used to be the case, that ios devices were smoother then android. That's just inherently false at this point. I've seen more microstutters in one evening then I care to talk about.

That's all I've got for now.. My first evening with the device. I'll probably be jailbroken within the week. And once I try more apps I'm sure I'll have more good things to say. The ones that are done right, truly are pretty good. And the build quality on the device is pretty good. Aside from the screen and speaker issues mentioned above. It does look and feel nice.

I'm going into this with a positive attitude to give ios another try. These were the things that just jumped out at me as being troublesome, especially in the first evening.

If anyone has an app for my dlna, movie issue. Heck, or anything else I should try let me know. I'm excited to get into some of the music production apps that are just non existent on android.

tldr-bought ipad, didn't expect it to go down quite like this.