The Verge Experience

Let me just start by saying I love the verge and was really looking forward to the coverage of CES 2014.

But it’s a pain in the elbow to find videos and articles on the site nowadays.

Here are my pointers for improving the experience:

1. the live videos are mashed up in one long "stream", I think it would be better to cut the stream and publish the different parts on their own.
2. the articles are spread all over the site, I think id would be easier to find information if you would have a central hub on the frontpage with a timeline of all published content.
3. The Video Hub is a mess, I think it would be a lot simpler to have a timeline with published videos and emphasize the more "important" stuff.
4. you guys (at the verge and VOX) are great at producing great design, I think you could pull off something simpler and more manageable for consumers such as a timeline layout, horizontal or vertical, with time stamps, headlines and editor info.

Keep up the good work!