I sold my Apple stock.

I know I'm going to get flamed for this post. I also know that I'll get a lot of people saying "another one of these posts?" That said...we are now in 2014, and whether or not you agree, Apple's stock has been pretty shaky lately. Apple is an amazing company, and they have done amazing things, but wallstreet has a "what have you done for me lately?" mentality. But really can you blame them?

Tim Cook can not go on iterating, and releasing smaller iPads or bigger iPhone's and expecting that wallstreet is going to reward them. Look at Microsoft. They have their core products, and rake in tons of cash, but their stock has not moved in 10 years. Wall Street wants a tech company to be more than a cash cow...they want innovation.

I am a HUGE Apple fan. I've been so since my first Apple IIc. So I believe I have EARNED the right to complain about the status quo of Apple in 2014. I am still all Apple (iPhone, iMac, iPad, a Apple TV), but my passion and love for these products is waning. Apple needs to bet the farm in 2014. Whether it is the iWatch, or the iTV, or something else entirely, they need to go big and prove that a Apple can still innovate post-Steve.

I sold my stock, because unfortunately, I'm starting to wonder whether Tim Cook has what it takes to deliver this next big thing. I hope I'm wrongand I hope Apple blows us away in 2014...because if they don't, the headlines will read "another year, and Apple continues to coast." The stock will continue to stagnate or fall, and the public will continue to migrate to other phones and other tablets.

I know a lot of you will disagree, or even debate the necessity of this post. And these people will be the loudest, and the most aggressive...but I can' the the only one who is frusterated with the current state of Apple. I can hold on through 2014...but not 2015.