Where are all the cool Chromebooks at CES?

With Toshiba Chromebook simply playing catch-up with other manufacturers and Asus doing a less-than modest refresh, I'm completely underwhelmed to see there's no star Chromebooks at CES yet. Even if the new Dell model aimed at education looks nice, it will likely have the same boring specs and the not-quite svelte thickness.

So where are the cool Chromebooks?

I'm finding it very interesting what ~300 can get you in a phone lately, but when the focus ships to laptops, it's still Microsoft's camp that seem to be offering cool incentives around this price-point, with the Asus Vivotab Note 8 running full windows with Wacom digitizer, an unheard of price-point for a Wacom-enabled tablet.

Perhaps I'm just over-expecting what can be done at the low-margin price-point, but the horrible Chromebook screens seem to still be in full effect, there's no significant new processor upgrades coming out, material is the same plastic, they're still relatively thick notebooks too.

Is it weird that I expect an Air-thin Chromebook with Netbook pricing by now?

That's not to say Air-like internals, but I just can't believe that these notebooks are still thicker than the aging Air (which has been 0.68in at its widest for 3 years now). Most use flash memory, low-wattage processors, and likely don't need the biggest components otherwise, I guess I just expect too much thinness out of those low-cost screens?

Anyways, still some show left, but otherwise kinda disappointed with what I've seen out of Chromebooks here.