iOS 7.1 beta 3 fixes several UI problems [u]

If you think Apple doesn't listen to the voice of the tech community, you'd be wrong, because with the new beta of iOS 7.1, they've changed a few UI problems in the current version of iOS.

9to5Mac has the complete list of changes, but I'll just highlight the most useful ones.

Old answer screen: The problem with this is the 'slide to answer' text isn't really visible since the contrast isn't that high. Also, there is no clear visual indication that you're moving the UI, unlike what the slide-to-unlock phone does. This is hard to see especially when outdoors, but just annoying in general.


New answer screen: changes everything, making it look like a toy-ish as well. But I'm liking it alot.


Same goes for the power-off screen, although it looks a bit too large (that cancel button reminds me of the Facebook app):


However, also worth mentioning is the bolder keyboard which I think still doesn't solve the problem:


At first glance this sounds like a much-needed improvement, but it's actually not much of a different than the current keyboard. The biggest issue is not the blackness or thickness of the letters, BUT the lack of contrast of the buttons. This will still result in typos now and then.

Also, if there is just one icon Apple should change, it would be the Settings icon, which still looks ridiculous till this day.


For anyone still seeing this, here's an extra writeup.

The current 'slide to power off' is actually very messy, like the one in the picture below:


Apple seems to have forgotten to blur the content behind it, and tapping on the content does nothing and the only way to dismiss it is to press the 'cancel' button. Furthermore, this dialog appears differently in the lockscreen and the homescreen, so it is quite inconsistent. Also the text is illegible due to low contrast. Naturally, they want to apple the same changes to the 'slide to answer' for incoming calls due to the similar lack of contrast.

Some of the iOS7 features you see today are something that could have been rushed due to the speed of iOS7's development, so we are going to expect more changes in the future as well. Additionally, the icons could be changed, as Apple has had a history of changing icons with new versions of iOS.

Looking at the changes in iOS7.1, we should expect Apple not to be tied down to the legacy of iOS, and transition iOS to whatever suits the current generation of interface design.