Where is the Nexus 10 2nd gen?

I've been holding my breath for the Nexus 10 2014 edition for a long time.. but where is it?

I thought it was supposed to be announced or released(just like how Google did when they released the Nexus 5) during CES but... Not even a single news about it.

I'm very frustrated and now I really need(or want?) a new tablet.

I've been using my iPad 4th Gen for over 6 months and sold it just 2 weeks ago as I bought the Nexus 5 so I'm planning to move onto the Android ecosystem.

Should I just get a Nexus 7 or wait a little longer for Nexus 10?

or any other suggestions?

Anyway, the galaxy tab pro 8.3 looks quite nice.. I've never been a fan of Samsung but I live in Korea so I guess I will be able to get it as soon as it releases...