Samsung might have me come back. . .


Sammy, I left you for HTC and I did not miss you not one bit. But just like that chick from Alicia Keys went back to blackberry after it hit the gym, I feel like I might be running back to you.

Hehe. Ok - So Samsung is finally giving touchwiz an upgrade and making things lighter and prettier at least pretty enough for me to look at every day. Here's a few thoughts/questions;

1. Will they finally dith AMOLED for super LCD 3 or greater with 1080p?

2. Will they improve the launcher or just give it a fresh coat of paint?

3. Will they be awesome and either use metal or a better grade of plastic like Nokia for their GS5??

4. Will they up their sound quality game in-ear and from the speakers?

I was seriously wondering what my next phone would be and from what I've seen it will be the GS5, now maybe I can finally stick to an OEM and not switch every 9-10 months. It gets old. I'm loving the leaks of the new UI, and having a Samsung tablet and Phone appeals to me. I was just waiting on them to make that UI lighter, and change those awful icons. Damn those icons were bad. Tragic. I even see a few things looking a little flat.

Sony, LG, & HTC lovers, what are your thoughts? Is what you've seen enough to excite you??


PS: Still not sold on the watch. . .