Your real world MPG

This is always an interesting topic.

I drive a Nissan Juke with a 1.5L Common Rail Turbo Diesel engine. Nissan state I should average 67MPG (55.7 American). I was getting a rather abysmal 37.9(31.6)MPG combined! That's terrible, especially for a Diesel. When Diesel is a lofty $8.46 per metric gallon right now in England, and my rent rencently increased, I thought now would be a better time than ever to start penny pinching on expensive fuel. I do drive increadibly harsh, though: foot to the floor and rev match through the corners etc. Boy racer spirit if anything.

So I've started being far more conservative with my right foot; changing up a gear at 2000RPM, smooth accelleration, no speeding, only doing 60 on the motorway, lifting off the throttle and letting the car slow itself down instead of using my breaks for long stretches of road - all that good stuff. "Driving sensibly" as many would say.

45.6 miles into my new tank of Diesel and the fuel gage is still reading full! Good stuff.


To put that into perspective, I'm usually at a quarter of a tank by 100 miles. To have the fuel gage not budge at nearly 50 miles? Driving like an arthritic grandmother pays dividends it seems.

I don't know quite how many liters I've used, but each notch on the fuel gage is 2.875 liters (46/16) - if you also account for the extra half liter or so of fuel at the bottom of the filler neck, then I can't have used anymore than 3.375 liters so far, putting my average at a lofty 61.4(51.1)MPG! Not far off the 67 claimed by Nissan. The live MPG meter reads as high as 65(54.1)MPG on the motorway, too!

How close are you to the manufacturers stated MPG figures? Do you drive like a maniac or like an OAP? How much fuel do you think you could save if you eased off your right foot a bit? Have you recently eased off your right foot? If so, how much of an improvement are you seeing?