This is My Next: the Sony Xperia Z1s



I was waiting for Sony to announce a T-mobile version of the Xperia Z1 and it happened. The Xperia Z1s is timed perfectly for those who are on the Jump plan got the Xperia Z right around it's release on T-mobile nearly 6 months ago. It is spec'ed as one would expect a flagship to be, AND has a dedicated camera button and 32gb of storage. Not to mention the 20mp rear camera and the 3000mAh battery.

I owned the Xperia Z over the past 5 or so months and I grew to love it, most notably for its looks. You sit it on a table next to virtually anyone's phone and it just sets itself apart in the style department. I know for some the Z1 Compact is more of what they are looking for, as it has the same specs but in a smaller form factor, But for me, I know where I am going with my Jump upgrade.

It's funny, 3 years ago I wouldn't have even thought of getting a Sony (then Sony Ericsson) phone. There were almost never available in the US, and the ones that usually were, were nothing but watered down feature phones, or less ambitious version of phones they offered overseas. Its nice to see them to a place in the mobile space where they are making great products that stand out compare favorably again.