Aviate Launcher has Defected to Yahoo.

I just received an email notifying me that Aviate Launcher (on which I have personally given up) is now joining Yahoo. The launcher has been in beta for many months now, and I have always assumed that it would cease being free when it finally rose out. I suppose this development means that it's more likely to remain free once the beta period ends.

The body of the email follows:

Thank you! Since we launched our Beta this past fall, we’ve been amazed and encouraged by the support from all of our users. Today we’re excited to share that Aviate is becoming a part of Yahoo. Don’t worry, Aviate isn’t going anywhere.

We founded Aviate with a mission to make our phones smarter and organize themselves around us, instead of vice versa. It’s been so great to have you as a part of the Aviate community and we want you to know that we’re committed to continued innovation of Aviate. The technology and product will remain the same -- it’s simply going to get better, faster.

When we met with Yahoo, it was obvious how aligned our visions are. Yahoo, like us, is all about simplifying and streamlining users' daily habits through intelligent and beautiful products. We see endless opportunities for how the two of us can work together, and we can’t wait to take this next step.

We hope you continue helping us grow our community by sharing Aviate with people you think will love it. To mark this occasion, we created a special invite code ("YAHOO") for you to share with your friends.

Stick around, Aviate’s just getting started.

Mark, Paul and Will