iPhone 4S to Moto G - a downgrade?

Hi my girlfriend is looking to move from Verizon to T-Mobile .

-She currently has an iPhone 4S that she has been completely satisfied with however now the phone is badly cracked and also is starting to crash with regularity.

-She likes the cheaper off contract plans that T-Mobile offers but does not want to spend a whole lot on an off contract phone.

-She uses her phone almost exclusively to get on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Email, Vine, stream music from Spotify, and take pictures.

I have been recommending the Moto G to her and she is willing to pay the $180 for it. I guess I am just a little worried that she is going to buy this new phone and that it will be a downgrade. In particular that the camera will not be as good. Is this a valid concern or should the Moto G work fine for her?