Alleged iPhone 6 metal frame leaks

This image has been floating over the web since it has been posted by ctechcn to Weibo, a Chinese message board where genuine leaks of other Apple products have been posted in the past.

I saw it on MacRumors, where they quickly determined it was likely fake based on two reasons:

1) The headphone jack is on the top, even though the iPhone 5/5S have theirs on the bottom. The Lightning cable's narrower width allowed room for a headphone jack on the bottom, so why not use that room?

2) That appears to only be a "middle" plate since the back of the phone isn't attached to it, whereas the iPhone 5/5S have a single unibody plate for both the back and sides. Apple apparently wouldn't go back to an earlier design and iterate on what the 5/5S design instead.

Even though nothing indicates the images are genuine, and they may in fact be totally fake, I think MacRumors dismissed them a bit too quickly. Those two proofs aren't very solid in my opinion because:

1) Why would they not move the headphone jack back to the top if they need that room at the bottom for something else? Something like better stereo speakers that would use all that space with no room left for a headphone jack? They may do a wide series of holes like on the iPad mini/Air for better audio quality.

2) Why would they not reuse the sandwich design? Plenty of people though, and still think, the 4/4S looked better than the 5/5S, in large part because the backplate is a single uniform piece of glass with a single color. Without doing something that's exactly like a larger and thinner iPhone 4, I think it's not impossible that Apple would use the sandwich design again, or any similar design that requires a metal middle plate that doesn't extent to the back of the phone.

Again, I'm not saying it's necessarily real, just that we shouldn't automatically determine it's fake just yet.