Mockup: Verge iOS 7 App

The Verge's iOS 7 app. When? What? Why?

Who knows. But here's my mockup of what I hope it looks like when it finally comes.



  • Everything's flatter... generally. There're slight drop shadows here and there (mostly for comments/slidable menus).
  • Swipe a story leftward to reveal the "follow" and "read later" icons.
  • To aid readability, comment totals are in slanted boxes at the bottom-right corner of every article. This way, the comment totals aren't just floating in white space and may double as a method of separating articles.
  • No more categories like "Web" and "Microsoft" above article thumbnails. I think they're redundant since headlines generally imply category, and one could always wander to the "Sections" tab to browse by tag/subject anyway.
  • Just like in Safari/Facebook/Twitter, as you scroll down, the bottom and top navigation bars disappear. More immersive, yadda yadda.



Threads / Articles

Here's the basic foundation for a forum topic or editorial article.

  • Gone is the black bottom bar. Instead, the "share" icon is part of the header, and the "view comments" & "add comment" icons are to the right of the title.
  • The latter two icons can be enabled to "follow" your scroll behavior and be anchored below the status bar as you read. And everything except for the headline is in Helvetica (/UL), because iOS 7.




  • Visually, think of my comments system idea as a collapsable deck of cards. Any comment may be double-tapped to expand / collapse its replies.
  • Swipe from the right to reveal a row of actionable icons like "recommend", "reply", and "flag" (represented as icons). So finally, finally this functionality exists but doesn't clutter everything up.


App Icon / New Logo Idea?

I redesigned the app icon to feature a larger logo and a smoother gradient.

The current Verge logo is based on the Penrose triangle. If one of the sides is removed, you are left with a logo mark that seems to be comprised of a "checkmark" and an "arrow". It's a subtle change, but I really like it. With most companies rebranding themselves with flatter/more simplistic designs, removing that side of the Penrose feels like an obvious/natural evolution.

Thoughts? Feedback?