NewGenBook for mac OS X

NewGenBook for Mac OS X has just been released in the AppStore NewGenBook is a collaboration between West Code Studios and ThinkTek Studios

  • Easy, simple & fun: Sporting a beautiful design, NewGenBook is easy on your eyes and easy to use. Stay up to date with your friends and family on a prettier Facebook.
  • Everything works: Since NewGenBook is a layer of customization on top of Facebook, everything you would expect from Facebook is still there!
  • Customize it: NewGenBook is customizable! You have the ability to fine tune NewGenBook's fonts and colors to give it your own distinctive feel.
  • #1 social network: Facebook is the world's largest social network, and NewGenBook works on top of it. We've developed and polished NewGenBook to be like nothing out there.
  • 24 hour support: We're happy to answer your questions or issues, and we're always ready to hear your bug reports! Just send us an email or message us on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Bigger & better: We're working around the clock to keep you guys happy! We aim to keep updating NewGenBook until it's perfect. Stay tuned and keep connected with NewGenBook!