The biggest problem with Sony phones!!

So I had pretty much made up my mind about getting an Xperia Z1 Compact as my main phone until I remembered one ridiculous issue with Sony phones.

I have absolutely never put screen protectors on my phone as I hate them and have never had a problem with scratches as I take good care of my phones. So what is the problem? All Sony phones come with a plastic shatter proof sheet on top of the glass. It isn't as obtrusive as a regular screen protector as its applied to be nearly invisible but the problem is that it gets deeply scratched very very easily. It doesn't matter how careful you are it will get scratched since its plastic.

So why not just remove the thing? Firstly it's not easy to do so and may void warranty I am not sure about that? Secondly it makes the screen a fingerprint mess which I cannot accept. So the only actual solution is to apply a screen protector on top of the coating and keep replacing it as all screen protectors will scratch. Sony even gives one in the box clearly implying that its supposed to be applied.

This whole thing is pretty much a deal breaker for me. I find it baffling that Sony doesn't understand this. The screen of the phone and how it feels is perhaps the most important part of a smartphone and Sony continues to mess that up. Its really unfortunate as other than this the Z1 Compact is just about the perfect phone for me.